Ministry Partners

Our extended service into the Community and around the World

Our Church’s Wider Mission

Through our OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission) giving, our ministry is extended globally and locally through the following ministry partners:

UCC – The United Church of Christ – our denomination!
UCCI – The Outdoor Ministries of the Wisconsin Conference
Wisconsin Council of Churches
Global Ministries – The UCC partners with the Christian Church/Disciples of Christ to extend ministry around the world
CHHSM – Council for Health and Human Services Ministry of the UCC

We are honored to partner in ministry with a variety of agencies as a way to expand our service near and far. Throughout the year, we collect special offerings to support local, national and international ministries. Donations made through our church are expanded through generous donations made to our Permanent Opportunity Fund’s Good Samaritan Fund.

Please consider supporting these vital ministries with your prayers and financial support either through our congregation or directly through the links below.

Funds collected through our church are often matched through our Good Samaritan Fund. Thank you for your continued support!