Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know to become a member?

Only that you have found a place at Congregational United Church of Christ and desire to affirm your baptism (or be baptized) into the Christian faith. Throughout the year, we offer informational sessions about the life and ministry of our church and ask that all who are interested in membership attend one of the sessions. Should you decide to become a member, you will be received into membership as part of a Sunday morning worship service.

Can I take communion?

Absolutely! We celebrate an open communion table, recognizing that Christ is the host and invites everyone (children included) to participate.

How often is communion served?

We generally serve communion on the first Sunday of each month during our regular worship service plus Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve.

Do you offer a confirmation program?

We offer confirmation to youth in the 8th grade. Confirmation classes meet on Wednesday evenings beginning in September and concluding in the spring (generally April or May). At the conclusion of the classes, youth are given the opportunity to affirm their baptism and become full members of the congregation.

Are children welcome in worship?

Yes! We value the presence of children in worship and see it as an extension of our baptism vows to provide a place where they can learn and grow in the Christian faith. Many of our children like to sit up front so they can see what’s going on. Children are invited to participate in a children’s message within the service.

Is there a nursery?

Yes. We provide a nursery for children ages five and under if they would prefer to not stay in worship. Between Labor Day and Memorial Day, our nursery is staffed with trained volunteers. During the summer months, we ask that parents remain with their children in the nursery and observe the service through closed circuit television.

How do I get involved?

We are an active congregation and hope that each member will participate in an area that interests them to the level of their desire. The most important involvement in the life of our congregation is through worship. But we also have opportunities to be involved in education, volunteering, singing in the choir, leadership and fellowship.

Will my children be safe?

We actively implement a Safe Sanctuary policy to ensure the safety of all members and visitors at our church, particularly the children in our midst. All staff and volunteers who work with children and youth are trained in appropriate interactions and undergo background checks before they are allowed to work with children.

Can I be married at your church?

Although we prefer that weddings performed at our church would be for members or close family relations of church members, we would consider performing weddings for non-church related couples. Please contact our pastor for more information at

Can my child be baptized here?

Yes! We recognize that baptism is into the Christian faith. Because baptism is a covenant, not only with God but with a faith community, our preference is that you become familiar with our congregation and consider becoming a member prior to having your child baptized.

Do I need to make make an appointment to walk the labyrinth?

No. Our labyrinth is an offering of gratitude for the community. Feel free to walk it whenever you want.