A Note from The Pastor

Hi!  My name is David.  I’m new here.  Maybe you are, too.  Maybe you are wondering what the Church in general or Congregational United Church of Christ, Neenah/Menasha in particular is all about.  If so, I trust this website will help give you the sense of who we are and where we fit in the Christian movement.  Click around to your heart’s content!  I hope something you see or read stirs your spirit.

Maybe you are not new to Congregational Neenah/Menasha at all, but are a longtime member, a regular participant, or an established friend of the congregation.  If so, perhaps you are looking for information–where and what time an event will occur, for example.  I hope you find what you’re looking for!  If you don’t, please alert us so we can update the website with the current, pertinent, accurate facts you seek.  Your questions, observations, and suggestions are important and always welcome.

Since you’re reading the pastor’s note, perhaps you want to know a little about me.   I’ve lived in every state in the Midwest except Minnesota; Luke is my favorite gospel; I studied history in college and graduate school; I’m married; my stepson is an adult; I like songs and stories and poems; I believe in and trust Jesus of Nazareth, whose Spirit informs most nearly everything else I believe in and everyone else I trust; I affirm the UCC maxim “God is still speaking,”

From a Christian perspective, spiritual exploration, information gathering, and biographical facts find their life in God, and God is present and active wherever people gather in beloved community.  That’s what we hope you experience in Congregational United Church of Christ, Neenah/Menasha–the presence of God in beloved community.  God blesses.  God blesses you!

I hope for the opportunity to get to know you.

in time with hope,

Pastor Dave Frey