Children of all ages are invited and welcome to worship at CUCC. We provide activity bags for all ages of children as well as a nursery for children up to age five. During the school year (Sunday after Labor Day and Sunday before Memorial Day) the nursery is staffed with volunteers.

The United Church of Christ celebrates two sacraments: Holy Communion and Baptism

Holy Communion at CUCC is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month and other special holy days such as Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday and Easter. We participate in an open communion table, recognizing that it belongs to Christ who invites all to participate.

Baptism is the outward and visible sign of the love and grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ. At CUCC, baptism is offered for infants, children and adults and is celebrated during our regular worship time.

The Labyrinth by the Lake
When you pray,
Let your feet move.
(African Proverb)
We offer an outdoor labyrinth for those who seek to use it as a part of their journey of faith.

A labyrinth is an ancient tool used for prayer and meditation.
It consists of a winding path that begins at the periphery and leads to a central space and out again by the same path.

Labyrinths differ from mazes in that there are no blind alleys or dead ends. A labyrinth is not a puzzle to be solved. You cannot get “lost” or make a mistake because there are no choices to make once you have decided to start walking. Simply follow the path - you will always end up in the center and back at the entrance.

The labyrinth is located on the western portion of the church property, on the corner of Kitiver Court and Nicolet Boulevard. We ask that you use the parking on Nicolet Boulevard.

We hope that your “walk in the woods” will be blessed and nurturing.